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371 Duplex

November 02, 2017 · Multi-Residential

Inner-Brissie suburban consolidation is the outcome when an unloved backyard filled with garages is redesigned as part of the house renovation. 

Located on a large inner-suburban corner block the original house had an underutilised rear garden of garage buildings. The brief developed as a suburban infill of a small duplex to complement the renovated stucco and tile corner residence.

Issues of streetscape scale and appearance are critical in gaining approval in inner city suburbs. The form of the new duplex was carefully scaled to provide positive spatial relationships with the neighbouring houses. The design reads similar to the surrounding older dwellings being composed of a utilitarian base, a dwelling body, and a pitched roof. The duplex roof tapers and pitches in mansard form to contain habitable bedroom spaces within the critical zones of boundary setbacks and height limits. The unusual roof form is a critical element in the solution to both a successful architectural infill development and functional dwelling spaces. 

The existing house is reinstated on the block with improved aspect and amenity. The new terra cotta roof remains visually dominant and features against the subdued grey metal mansard roof of the new neighbours.