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Collingwood Street

November 01, 2017 · Commercial

The Collingwood Street project came into being as a direct result of our previous project QUAD. The general concept has evolved within the largely different site constraints. Particularly, this site is smaller, although again a corner; it floods; it is encumbered with an easement; and it faces predominantly west. Here, the building type is again 3 storey, ‘townhouse’ in form although the site has to be lifted on a suspended slab above the flood level.  Hence, minimal space is provided at ground level for some storage and car accommodation only.  The design seeks to provide robust, flexible space, suitable for a variety of uses with good natural light, useable outdoor recreation space and individuality within the address.

The building presents a tough frontage to the urban factory surrounds and the harsh western aspect.  This belies the large amounts of full height glass pocketed into the double level voids over the balconies.  The blue polycarbonate translucent awning roof folds down on the western elevation like a squinting eye into the sun protecting the glass from direct heat and light.  Brightly coloured louvres shield the stairwells/entry glazing and give each tenancy an individuality at their entry.  The voids fracture the box form at both building corners visually floating the cantilevered structure and opening the interiors to views.

The plan resolves with the form and materiality with simplicity, whereby the deep pocketed glazed voids arrange the space dividing the service zone into the narrow corner.  Stairwell entry voids have full height western glass, continuously louvred for protection, and coloured to give each interior its own ambience. All glass, including balustrades, is arctic blue tinted for better solar performance and the polycarbonate balcony awnings are coloured to match.