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Long Hut

November 03, 2017 · Beach Houses, Houses



2009 AIA Queensland Architecture Awards
Queensland Residential Houses Award, Gold Coast Award

Long Hut is a pure beach house in the tradition of simple, fun, fibro clad pavillions built on shoe string budgets.  The simplicity is in the elegant plan and extruded cross sectional form.  The fun is in the arrangement of the pavillion forms and their engagement of the exterior landscape and wider environment. 

The site is a narrow east / west block with rear lane access in the beachside Fingal village.  Suspended above the ground, the plan is driven by the notion of informality and resolved as a collection of coastal pavillion structures hung off a covered deck spine.  The clients have named the home “Longhut” in reference to the linear spine of decking overhung with translucent fibreglass which is literally an exterior corridor linking various internal rooms.

The procession from the beach initiates at an external washdown shower and the transitional deck entry for the comfortable and casual removal of sand and beach paraphernalia prior to entering the internal areas.  The exterior covered deck spine controls both the pedestrian circulation and facilitates the air circulation throughout the pavillions.  Occupants are constantly moving to the exterior corridor breezeway and therefore constantly conscious of the environmental conditions of each day.  Weather conditions and birdlife are always on show when moving between rooms.