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Offices First Australia Fair

July 09, 2019 · Commercial, Interiors

The Architectural interior for Offices First provides for various office space options serviced with high quality communal facilities for small enterprise and start-up businesses. The Communal services consist of meeting and seminar/training rooms that are both formal (acoustic privacy) and informal. High quality hospitality areas for meals and functions, normally the domain of big business, are great facilities incorporated for all the tenants to take advantage of.

The core design idea was driven by the opportunity to provide an immediate and spectacular view of the Southport Spit and the Broadwater upon opening of the elevator doors. Strategic design enabled elevating the ceiling height and was further enhanced with the introduction of visually angled, mirror ceiling panels. These effectively reflect the view of the Broadwater vista enlarging the overall visual scale that can be perceived whilst also enlarging the scale of the entry.

This communal Entry area links the important shared facilities. The view canyon is bordered by chevroned flank walls that are battened vertically to compliment the new linear ceiling. This central zone accommodates the informal meeting areas which are colourfully furnished and separated by decorative geometric screens that enable visual permeability throughout. A major feature is the bar/café area at the Balcony threshold which is a communal facility for daily informal meetings or more formal function catering. The materials and colours draw inspiration from the coastal location. Tiles are in stone and sand tones paired with pale timber walls and veneers matched against muted paint colours that contrast the brighter furnished elements.

The simple ‘donut’ plan organises the various tenancies within close proximity to the shared facilities and ensures all good access to the east facing balcony. The balcony has been refurbished and is equitably accessible onto the new decking. Experiencing the view and the full benefits of the great location is afforded to all tenants a few times a day ensuring maximum value for all occupants regardless of tenancy position.

Refurbishing a whole level of the Australia Fair Office Tower has been the catalyst for a full revamp of the building and a revitalisation of its entire use. Gutting an entire floor and re-designing the space, taking advantage of the vistas available, has revealed new value in the building.